Who We Are

Blue Pier is Canada's first "pension Plan as a Service".

Our Mission is to enable all Canadian employers to offer a real workplace pension plan without the work, costs and risks of pension administration.

Our Vision is to provide to all Canadian workers an opportunity to enjoy income security and a high quality of life in retirement.

Our Values are a commitment to operate to the highest standards of innovation, inclusiveness, governance, transparency, disclosure, and cost-efficiency.

What We Do

Blue Pier is a pension plan and your team deserves a pension plan. But that doesn’t mean you need to run a pension plan – you can join Blue Pier instead.

Our business is pensions, period. We enable you to provide a customized pension program plan to your entire workforce without the costs, risks and workload of plan administration.
We are laser-focused on one, simple goal: to deliver the best possible pension income to our members, with the lowest possible cost, risk and workload for our client employers. 
We do that by leveraging financial technology, deep expertise, a unique structure, institutional-grade services, economies of scale and features unique to Canada’s largest, most successful pension funds.

We make pensions accessible

With fewer than 100 employees, most enterprises are too small to operate their pension plans.

We work with ALL employers, large and small, to offer a low-cost, low-risk pension program.

Start a new, successful future for your employees and your business. Join Blue Pier today!

We Innovate

We are always looking for new ways to deliver better value to you and your employees, for less.

We keep things flexible

Blue Pier is customized for YOUR enterprise, so you always get the solution that’s right for you.

And if you want to change it, you can!

Why We Do It

12 million Canadian workers have no workplace pension plan. They’re worried about retirement and for almost 80% of workers, the availability of a pension plan is a major factor deciding where to work and whether to change jobs.

But most employers don’t have the resources to operate stand-alone plans. With Blue Pier, they don’t have to. We do all the work.

Blue Pier makes pensions possible, for you and your employees. Give your employees what they want – join Blue Pier today.

How We're Better

Blue Pier serves employers of any size. Whether you have 5 employees or 5,000, our plan works for you.


We’re not selling in-house investment products so you’ll get the best advice and services.

Tax efficient

You pay less corporate and payroll tax. Your employees get more RRSP room and more retirement savings.

Creditor protection

Unlike some plans, we ensure your employees’ savings are protected from creditor claims.

Less risk

With Blue Pier, you have less compliance, accounting and funding risks.


We offer transparent, granular disclosure. 

Lower Cost

Our institutional-grade structure and services deliver better value, for less.

Why Offer A Pension Program

Attract the best

The labour market is competitive, especially for skilled workers. Offering a Blue Pier pension can help you attract – and retain – the best workers.

Compensate Effectively

You want every dollar you spend to count. Offering a Blue Pier pension is one of the most effective ways you can compensate your employees.

Make Your Employees Happy

Financial stress about retirement negatively affects your employees’ health, job performance and engagement. Offering a Blue Pier pension can reduce their stress. That makes good business sense. And looking after your employees feels good.

Why you need Blue Pier™

Blue Pier brings offers unique value to large and small employers and to professional/trade associations.

Maybe you offer workplace retirement program, maybe you don’t.

Either way, we can help.

GRRSP Sponsors

If you have a Group RRSP, Blue Pier can reduce your costs, risks and workload while delivering better results to your employees.

How does your Group RRSP compare to Blue Pier?

To find out, try our Comparison Calculator.

DC Plan Sponsors

If you have a Defined Contribution (DC) plan, Blue Pier can reduce your costs, risks and workload while delivering better results to your employees.

How does your DC plan compare to Blue Pier?

To find out, try our Comparison Calculator.

DB Plan Sponsors

Blue Pier can help you transition to a more sustainable, less risky plan that performs better for you and your employees.

Contact us to find out more.

No plan

Your employees want a pension plan and your enterprise needs happy employees.

Make your employees happy. Make your business succeed.

Join Blue Pier today!


A launchpad for leading innovators, MaRS is where creativity meets complexity.  Blue Pier is a MaRS-supported venture since 2015.
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The Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA) represents more than 90 per cent of all licensed retirement community suites in Ontario, employing 30,000 front line workers caring for nearly 60,000 seniors. ORCA’s membership also includes over 240 commercial partners who provide essential products and services to retirement communities throughout the province.
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Held annually in The Hague, Blue Pier™ wins an award at the World Pension Summit Innovation Awards 2022. For the jury’s entire assessment, please click here.

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Who We Are

Blue Pier’s team and institutional service partners have deep expertise in financial services, regulatory compliance and the design, funding, investment, and administration of group retirement plans in the public and private sectors.

That means we deliver the best solution possible for your enterprise.


Management & Staff

James Pierlot

Director, CEO & Founder

Brigit Aquilina

Director, Implementation & Client Services

Service Partners

Buck Global Consulting

PH&N Institutional

Canadian Western Trust

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Toronto, Ontario
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