Who We Are

Blue Pier is Canada's first and only fully outsourced, customizable and scalable pension solution.

Our Vision is to provide to all Canadian workers an opportunity to enjoy income security and a high quality of life in retirement.

Our Mission is to make pension plan sponsorship realistic and affordable for any employer, anywhere in Canada.

Our Values are a commitment to operate to the highest standards in terms of innovation, inclusiveness, governance, transparency, disclosure, and cost-efficiency.

What We Do

At Blue Pier our business is pensions, period.
We are laser-focused on one, simple goal: to deliver the best possible pension income to our members, with the lowest possible cost, risk and workload for our client employers. 
We do that by leveraging financial technology, deep expertise, a unique structure, institutional-grade services, economies of scale and features unique to Canada’s largest, most successful pension funds.

We make pensions accessible

Our simple, cost effective programs make it easy for your employees to achieve the best retirement possible.

We Innovate

We are always looking for new and improved ways to create the pensions that will offer your employees the most value.

We keep things flexible

Blue Pier is customized for your business and your employees so you will always get the solution that is right for you.

Why We Do It

Canada has a retirement-saving deficit of $3 trillion. By 2050, that deficit will be $15 trillion, mostly because 70% of Canadian workers – 12 million people – have no workplace pension plan. 
Workers are worried about retirement. They want workplace pensions and it’s a major factor in where they decide to work. But most employers don’t offer pensions because they can’t take on the costs, risks and workload of operating stand-alone plans. 
With Blue Pier, they don’t have to.  We make pensions possible.

How We're Better

Blue Pier allows employers of any size to offer a workplace pension program. Whether you have 50 employees or 5,000, Blue Pier offers better value.


We’re not selling in-house investment products so you’ll get the best advice and services.

Tax efficient

You pay less corporate and payroll tax. Your employees get more RRSP room and more tax-deferred retirement savings.

Creditor protection

Unlike some plans, we ensure your employees’ savings are protected.

Less risk

With Blue Pier, you have less compliance, accounting and funding risks than with traditional plans.


We offer transparent, granular disclosure.  What you see is what you get.

Lower Cost

Our structure and institutional-grade services deliver better value, for everyone.

Why Offer A Pension Program

Attract the best

The labour market is competitive, especially for skilled workers. Offering a Blue Pier pension can help you attract – and retain – the best workers.

Compensate Effectively

You want every dollar you spend to count. Offering a Blue Pier pension is one of the most cost- and tax-effective ways you can compensate your employees.

Make Your Employees Happy

Financial stress about retirement negatively affects your employees’ health, job performance and engagement. Offering a Blue Pier pension can reduce their stress. That makes good business sense. And looking after your employees feels good.

Why you need Blue Pier™

Blue Pier brings unique value to employers and associations in the private and broader-public sectors, whether your enterprise is large or small, profit or non-profit; collectively-bargained or not.

Maybe you offer workplace retirement program, maybe you don’t.

Either way, we can help.

GRRSP Sponsors

Some employers and associations have a Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (Group RRSP). If you have a Group RRSP, Blue Pier can offer less work and compliance risk, creditor protection for employees, lower costs, reduced taxes and better employee outcomes.

How does your Group RRSP compare to Blue Pier?

To find out, try our Comparison Calculator.

DC Plan Sponsors

If you have a defined-contribution (DC) pension plan, Blue Pier can offer less work and compliance risk, lower costs, reduced taxes and better employee outcomes.

How does your DC plan compare to Blue Pier?

To find out, try our Comparison Calculator.

DB Plan Sponsors

If you have a defined-benefit (DB) pension plan, Blue Pier can offer reduced financial and fiduciary risk, lower costs, reduced workload and greater plan design flexibility.

Contact us to find out more.

No plan

Your workers want a pension plan, and your enterprise needs happy employees.

Blue Pier can help. Contact us today to create your customized plan.


OCE co-invests with businesses to commercialize innovation originating in Ontario. Blue Pier would like to acknowledge OCE’s the networking and funding support.
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Blue Pier was a finalist under the award category ‘Pension Reform Innovation’ at the 2017 World Pension Summit in The Hague.
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A launchpad for leading innovators, MaRS is where creativity meets complexity.  Blue Pier is a MaRS-supported venture since 2015.
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Who We Are

Blue Pier has brought together a team of professionals with experience in financial services, regulatory compliance and the design, funding, investment, and administration of all types of group retirement plans in the public and private sectors.

That means you get the best plans possible.


Management & Staff

Catherine Marsh

Director & COO

James Pierlot

Director, CEO & Founder

Saad Farooqi

VP – Business Development

Service Partners

Buck Global Consulting

Phillips, Hager & North

Canadian Western Trust

Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP

Proteus Performance Management

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