Dr. Ana Andreazza

Strategic Advisor

About Ana

Dr. Ana Andreazza is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Pharmacology & Toxicology and Psychiatry in the Faculty of Medicine at University of Toronto, holds a Tier II Canada Research Chair in Molecular Pharmacology of Mood Disorders and is cross-appointed as a collaborator Scientist at CAMH. She is an Advisor for the Dauten Family Center for Bipolar Treatment Innovation at Massachusetts General Hospital, a consultant for the Bipolar Biobank at Mayo Clinic, a Board member of the International Society of Bipolar Disorder and the founder and Scientific Director of mitoNET.  With over 140 research published articles (h-index 45). Dr. Andreazza is the recipient of several awards including the 2018 Canada Top 40 under 40 and has received funding from the Brain and Behavior Foundation (NARSAD), the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, the Ontario Mental Health Foundation and the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation. Her research focuses on the understanding of the role of redox modulations and mitochondrial dysfunction in mental illness, especially in mood disorders.  She has a strong interest in the potential impacts of financial stress on individuals’ brain health.